Netflix’s Bridgerton — Was it worth the hype?

Before I state whether or not I believe the show is worth the popularity it gained, let me first make a (somewhat bold) declaration.

The issue with Bridgerton, and perhaps the thing that most contributed to the success of the series, is how frustratingly mediocre the plot is. The romance doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, nor do the backstories and character developments leave you feeling moved to reflection with pity. Rather, when watching Bridgerton, you feel a bit like you do when watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians — emotionally detached but still absentmindedly curious. You don’t care enough to think about what you watched in each episode throughout your day-to-day life, but you enjoy it just enough to watch nonstop for four hours straight while drinking wine, doing a facial, or sitting on your living room couch and eating some form of carbs.

Despite my opinions above, however, I do believe that the show deserved the hype that it received. Though the plot felt a bit predictable at times and the characters’ actions were often a little ridiculous, the show was certainly still quite enjoyable. The Gossip Girl-meets-Regency era drama contained lovely costumes, a hint of racial diversity (however most of the main roles did belong to white characters), great acting, and an interesting soundtrack, giving it a uniqueness that’s unparalleled by other period dramas. Bridgerton satisfies its audience’s escapist desires, something that was much needed whilst many were quarantined at home. For these reasons, I believe the show deserved the love that it received, and I look forward to seeing how the second season plays out.


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